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BCS are children's indoor play cleaning specialists offering national coverageThe cost?

Every quotation is very specific to the soft play centre we are working with and each quote will take into account location, access to the area to be cleaned, availability of water and power, time of day the clean is required, size and complexity of the system and the number of balls in the ball pit.

We offer one off cleans of ball pools and full system cleans which are payable on completion of the work but for those customers who wish to see our services as an integral part of maintaining their soft play area to the highest standard, we offer annual contracts on a bi-annual or quarterly visit programme.

Please call our office to discuss payment options available.


If you would like to know more about our indoor play centre cleaning plans or discuss an individual plan to suit your needs then please call us on 01323 811 526 for a quotation and payment plan details.

BCS director, Ian, cleaning the top of a play frame during a full system clean BCS director, Paul, cleaning the play balls in a dirty ball pool using a ballpool sanitisation machine Cleaned ball pool balls in specially designed ball sacks

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