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Our ball pool cleaning process involves extracting the play balls from the ball pit into a brush wash system which scrubs the play balls
in a chlorine based sanitisation fluid to kill any surface bacteria. The play balls are then collected into nett sacks which allow them to
be stored safely whilst the empty ball pit is cleaned.


A typical ball pool clean takes around two hours to complete (dependant on size) thereby eliminating the health & safety risks associated with a under maintained
ball pit. A certificate of cleanliness is provided for you to display, which allows you to announce to your customers that you do maintain high levels of cleanliness and that they do not have to worry about health or safety issues of this nature whilst in your
play facility.

ballpool cleaning keeping children safe

An average sized ball pool holds approximately 10,000 x 75-80mm plastic play balls. It will take one of our teams around two hours to sanitise the balls in a ball pool of this size, using a vacuum to clean and remove debris from the emptied ball pit and then wiping down the bottom vinyl with an hospital approve anti-bactericidal cleaner before replacing the cleaned play balls and allowing them to dry.

We are dedicated to the cleaning and safety of ball pools throughout the UK. We have teams working all over the country on a demand basis, please call us on 01323 811 526 to see when we are next in your area or contact us for a quotation.

  BCS cleaned an indoor children's play frame at a pub in 2009   BCS director cleaning the play balls in a dirty ball pool using a ballpool sanitisation machine example of the amount of dust and dirt found in the bottom of a dirty ball pool  

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