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Full indoor play area integrity inspections are designed to help ensure that your indoor play area is of a sound condition and that no obvious failures have developed in the frame construction, netting or play equipment such as slides, sky glides, log ramps etc.

We use a comprehensive checklist to inspect all elements of your indoor play area, which has been designed to comply with the European standards BS EN 1176 & BS EN 1177.

The European standard BS EN 1176 is not retrospective or, currently as with previous standards a legal requirement here in the UK, but does represent good practice in the event of an accident claim.

It is recommended that a maintenance inspection is carried out at least twice annually.

BCS are children's indoor play cleaning specialists offering national coverage

General Maintenance

We are equipped and able to carry out typical repairs required to an indoor play are, we carry a standard stock of spare/replacement parts to tackle the following types of repair work:

• Vinyl tear repairs/replacement
• Floor pad repairs/replacement
• Netting re-tensioning
• Netting repairs/replacement
• Padding repairs/replacement
• Sky Glide repairs
• Recover soft play shapes
• Anti climb netting replacement/installation

Via Sport & Play we are affiliated with a system design and supply organisation that can assist in providing new centres and with major works.

We are dedicated to the cleaning of indoor play centres throughout the UK. We have teams working all over the country on a demand basis, please call us on 01323 811 526 to see when we are next in your area or contact us for a quotation.

BCS director, Ian, cleaning the top of a play frame during a full system clean BCS director, Paul, cleaning the play balls in a dirty ball pool using a ballpool sanitisation machine Cleaned ball pool balls in specially designed ball sacks

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